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The InterNational SteamPunk Objective

the original steampunk timetravellers, creature seeker, nomads, alchemists and scientists

Sir IR Ezekiel Barentszn c.s.

Mad Scientist, Nomadic Warrior

Madame FairyIna Barentszn

Creature Seeker of the Creature Cabinet 

Sir Pjotr Voltesla

Scientist Extraordinair (the Sleeper)

Cypher Delandrov

Alchemistic Apothecarist to the Laboratorium

Abigail Bat Melech

Medic to Cypher, Spherologist to the stars

Isabella Sophia Walker

Lady of tea


Navigator to the Vortexiae

Indra Davila

Timetravelling Gypsies

Faulton Oakley

Doctor to the plagues, medic to Cypher

The Raven

Weapons and Leather

Miss "Mo"

Perfumiere Uniqua

Yesta Davila

Timetravelling Gypsies

Sheriff S.W. McDark

The Law

Minerva P. McDark

Mage/Time-space Pirate.

Mandorian R. Davidson

Lodestar Sentinel

Aerrin Duprain

Lodestar Sentinel